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Why choose find well water

Experience matters! Jacob Kraemer, Co-Owner of FIND WELL WATER has been working along side of Ervin Kraemer, AquaLocate Founder and manufacturer of the GF6 for as long as it has been available for use in the U.S. (Since 2001) and across the globe. Jacob has accomplished groundwater surveys for clients in most U.S. states, Mexico and Canada. The GF6 seismoelectric equipment is the only equipment of its kind that has been able to accurately determine the depth and yield of a well water source. That said, the user of the GF6 technology needs to know how to collect interpretable data in order to get the best survey results and we know how to do that here at FIND WELL WATER!

Having one well is already expensive; contemplate being forced to pay for two, or three because the first was not productive! The cost of drilling per foot varies greatly depending on where you are and to the tune of thousands of dollars per well. Well drilling contractors spend their time, energy and fuel on each well they drill therefore it is necessary for them to charge a client even if the well they drill is dry or has a yield too low to provide the amount of water you need.

Having a well drilled before locating the aquifer depth, yield and thickness is like building a home without a foundation. Investing in a FIND WELL WATER seismoelectric groundwater survey is affordable on many levels, from residential wells to large land developments and/or agricultural crop or stock needs. It’s a simple, affordable and effective way to buy down the risk of dry water wells..

Jacob Kraemer is a well water surveyor based in Weatherford, Texas after relocating with his wife and daughter from Washington State.

At 7 years old his parents drilled a dry well. He heard his father, Ervin Kraemer, say, "If we can put a man on the moon then there has to be a better way of knowing where to drill a well.” Ervin Kraemer’s research began and he found a technology had been developed that worked to find water before you drill. At 8 years old the business was up and running and Jacob’s life changed.

Jacob started out at 9 years old pulling rods for his father Ervin Kraemer, the Founder of Aqualocate, and worked his way up to Team Lead. Jacob was 16 years old when he knew he wanted to make a career out of using the GF6 to help others find water before drilling their well. Helping people save money by not drilling dry wells as well as helping them find water before even buying the property gives Jacob a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Also knowing he could provide his family with a great life was just a plus.