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No other operator or company has more experience using the SES technology to find well water!

The experienced AquaLocate team uses geophysical technology that can help you find well water before you go to the expense of drilling a water well or multiple water wells without knowing where the groundwater is first.  Our team has completed more successful groundwater location surveys in more states and more countries than any other operator or team of operators using the Groundflow/AquaLocate SES technology. 

AquaLocate can survey part or all of your property and will provide a printed groundwater location report containing details about approximate well water depth and flow rate. Unlike traditional water dowsing (witching), the seismo-electric equipment developed by Richard Clarke and John Millar of Groundflow Ltd. is based on scientific principles and has been shown to consistently provide accurate well water drilling results.  Visit www.aqualocate.com for equipment purchase details or to find out about services in Latin America.

Now is the time to take advantage of well water locating services that are the first of it's kind not only capable of locating well water, but can also determine the approximate depth and yield of the detected well water source. In today's economy who can afford to drill a dry well or purchase a piece of property that doesn't have enough water on it? The wrong time to find out your new well was drilled in the wrong location is after you get the bill for your new hole in the ground.

The technology's effectiveness has been proven over the last fourteen years throughout the world and over the last eight years in the U.S. With more than 3,400 (U.S) clients served and over 35,000 soundings performed or reviewed by AquaLocate alone.

AquaLocate can find well water for you before you go to the expense water well drilling program. Considering the significant cost of having a water well drilled, finding well water first is the right choice.  Don't you deserve to have someone on your side before you have a new water well drilled? Not many people would go to the expense of building a new home without a set of construction plans and a good idea of how much it might cost. AquaLocate can help you develop a plan for your new well and give you the information you need to help determine what you new water well might cost.

Some operators of the Groundflow/AquaLocate technology are not affiliated with Aqualocate, Ronald Sorensen PGP #957 of Sorensen Groundwater Consulting and/or Susanne Dudziack, Hydro Geologist. To retain a list of individuals or companies that work directly with AquaLocate, Sorensen Groundwater Consulting or Greylock Consulting, LLC. please contact our office toll free at Call 888.808.8598

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