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Did you know that you can have the aquifer on your land located before the driller begins drilling a well? We use the most current GF6 seismoelectric system available which allows us to see beneath the ground. More specifically, after we complete a survey on your land our final report will tell you the aquifer depth, yield and thickness (where the aquifer begins and ends). This information helps you plan ahead and midigate the chances of drilling (and paying for) a dry well!

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Most people understand that an Ag well requires many more gallons per minute (gpm) than that of a residential well, and the needs vary based on crop type and size of area to be irrigated. Be it for food or medicinal crop irrigation and/or livestock watering, the seismoelectric GF6 technology allows us to locate the aquifer [well water] volume available on your land. If it isn't there we will include that in a report in an effort to help you avoid drilling and paying for a non-productive or low yielding well.

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Locate the aquifer depth and yield before drilling begins

- GF6 Seismoelectric Technology -


Having a GF6 exploration survey completed before a drilling project begins is like having multiple test wells drilled but for a fraction of the investment. Often the information provided through a FIND WELL WATER GF6 groundwater survey includes more detailed infomation than normally obtained through a test well.


"I have been privileged to work one on one with the manufacturer of the GF6 seismoelectric technology, my father, Ervin Kraemer for over eight years. I'm excited to introduce my new company; FIND WELL WATER and I am confident that I can help my clients find the water they need before they drill their next well." - Jacob M. Kraemer